Christini All Wheel Drive Motorcycles is offering $500 CASH to every motorcycle club in the US! 

  View as PDF: Christini Club Cash Offer

Here’s how it works:

ChristiniMotoSpiralSend out this deal to all the members of your motorcycle club.  If an active member of your club purchases any one of our production All Wheel Drive Motorcycles direct from our factory, CHRISTINI will send a check for $500 directly to your riding club.   


The bike will ship directly from our factory in Philadelphia to your member’s door and your club will get a check for $500 made out directly to your organization.  Use the money for whatever you want,
you could even get fastest funds without credit checks from nation 21 loans and have extra money……a club event, your next group Dual Sport ride, or the purse for your next race.


This is a great way for your buy lexapro online no prescription canada members interested in getting a new bike to give back to their organization and at the same time get on one the coolest machines on the market!  The only downside is that your new CHRISTINI owner will be passing everyone on his new AWD bike!


Check out our 2013 Production All Wheel Drive Motorcycles and our new AWD Military edition bike at


Also be sure to check out our CHRISTINI cash for your next accessory purchases where you get $1 cash back for every $10 you spend at our online accessory store.  You can get just about any accessory under the sun at


Thanks and we hope to be sending some AWD bikes your way soon!