CHRISTINI All Wheel Drive Motorcycles to send 3 riders to Compete in X Games Austin, June 6th, 2014.

Philadelphia, PA (May 28, 2014)

CHRISTINI All Wheel Drive Motorcycles is sending three riders to the Summer X Games in Austin TX to compete in Enduro X on June 6th, 2014!   Wally Palmer of NJ, Jack Field of Australia, and Kristie Mckinnon of Australia, are 3 of the worlds top Endurocross riders who will be battling for a medal, all riding CHRISTINI All Wheel Drive motorcycles manufactured in Philadelphia, PA.

“Wild” Wally is unquestionably the craziest, most spectacular rider in Endurocross racing” according to ESPN, which is why Palmer’s is expected to put on a show for the fans on his CHRISTINI AWD 300.

Australian Jack Field is one of the worlds top freestyle trials riders.  Jack, who is also riding an AWD 300 2-stroke, and is ready to put on some Flair and is know for pulling a backflip off the finish line in the Trialscross event at Endurocross.  Expect big things from buy lexapro canada Jack in Austin.

Kristie Mckinnon will be making her first X Games appearance after a strong finish in last years final Endurocross race where she finished 2nd in the Vegas main event.  Kristie is also a top trials rider and is poised to upset some of the worlds’ top female riders on board her CHRISTINI All Wheel Drive 250 2-stroke machine.

Enduro X is the X Games take on Endurocross which is a hybrid motorcycle competition, a mix of supercross, trials, and enduro racing over obstacles resembling a trials track. Tracks incorporate various elements of off-road riding, including rocks, boulders, logs, sand, mud, a water-hole and special obstacles (like giant tires).

There will be live TV coverage of all events, including Wally, Jack, and Kristie’s EnduroX races on ESPN Friday, June 6th at 5pm EST.  To check out the full Austin 2014 schedule, click here.


Team Christini



Kristie Mckinnon EnduroCross

Wally Poster 2014-Rev2

Jack Field Flip2

Kristie Trials


And check out some videos of our riders in action: