What are the benefits of the all mechanical system used in the Christini AWD system?

The main benefit of an all mechanical system is that there is very little power loss to drive the system. Under no slip conditions the only added drag on the motor is the power required to spin the shafts and gears of the system. This amounts to less than 1/10 of a horsepower. Click here to see dyno run. The all mechanical system works like traction control. When the rear wheel starts to spin the power that would otherwise be lost due to wheel spin is transferred to the front wheel. As the power is transferred to the front wheel, it becomes easier for the rear wheel to find traction. When you ride the Christini you will be amazed at how easy it is to find traction, and how much energy you conserve compared to a conventional motorcycle.

How does it work?

Christini’s patented mechanical All Wheel Drive system delivers power from the motorcycle transmission to the front wheel through a series of chains and shafts. There is no energy-robbing hydraulics involved.

The light weight all-mechanical system works similar to that of AWD systems found on four wheeled vehicles. The use of one-way clutches in the front hub allows the front wheel to be driven at a slightly slower rate than the rear wheel. Power is transferred to the front wheel only when the rear wheel loses traction or the front wheel skids. The front-to-rear power ratio is adjustable with a simple sprocket adjustment. This allows for nearly unlimited fine tuning of the AWD system to suit riding conditions and personal riding preference.

How about a step-by-step explanation of how the power gets to the front wheel?

See how this works in our AWD Technology section.

Do I need special tools to maintain a Christini drive system?

The whole system is easily maintained using standard tools that you already have in your tool box.

Is this system similar to the Ohlins hydraulic system used on the Yamaha,
No. The Christini system is completely different offering many benefits over the hydraulic systems.

What is unique about the Christini AWD system that sets it apart from other AWD tech?

Christini AWD technology is unique because it is an all mechanical system and uses no hydraulic pumps of any sort. While not the first all mechanical system to be commercially available, it is the first system that works in conjunction with a modern high performance off-road motorcycles with long travel suspension.

Are there high performance upgrades for Christini AWD bikes?

Because there are no modifications to the motor or standard drive system anything that is currently available for your bike, like pipes internal engine mods, carb goodies, will all bolt right on.

 What KITS are currently available? (2005-2011 ONLY)

  • KTM Off-road 250/300 XC and XCW
  • KTM 450/530 XCRW and EXCR
  • Honda CRF250X
  • Honda CRF250R
  • Honda CRF450X

 What do I get when I buy a Christini AWD frame kit?

  • Complete All Wheel Drive System
  • Modified Frame (requires exchange of stock frame)
  • Custom Fork Modifications (requires stock fork)
  • Custom Fuel Tank
  • Alloy Talon Front Hub
  • Engagement Switch
  • CNC Triple Clamps

How does a frame exchange work?

When you purchase a new Christini frame kit, you (or your dealer) are required to send us a new unused frame and forks. We will exchange them for a previously modified frame & fork set from our production queue.

Frame and forks must be in “like-new” condition for exchange, otherwise it will be handled as a “used exchange” (see below)

Do I have to learn how to ride all over again?

Absolutely not. The transition to riding All Wheel Drive is surprisingly smooth. You notice the advantages of the AWD system almost immediately, but it will not require you to ride differently. You will gradually learn how to maximize the positive effects of the system. While the learning curve is very shallow, it is also long. That means the more you ride, the more you will be able to take advantage of the system.

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