CHRISTINI AWD Military Edition 


AVAILABLE to the PUBLIC NOW!  We can ship direct to your door or to one of our authorized dealers.


The CHRISTINI AWD Military Edition is based on the CHRISTINI AWD 450 E or CHRISTINI AWD 450 DS, and has a multitude of add on parts for  added protection and longevity.  It can be either off road specific or an on road based bike with all the options to make it extra tough!  Each bike is built to order and you can choose from the accessory parts shown on our specifications tab. The Military Edition is used by the Navy Seals and Special Forces groups overseas, as well as other branches of the military. It features a powerful liquid cooled 450cc four-stroke engine, precisely tuned suspension, and an All Wheel Drive system that provides unbelievable traction, handling and stability.

The CHRISTINI AWD Military Edition is an ideal first response vehicle for police departments, fire stations, and park rangers.   And if you’re a hunter, it’s an ideal alternative to your ATV or Side by Side as you can reach areas that are impassible with any other vehicle ever made!


CHRISTINI AWD Military Edition bikes can be built to fit your specific application.

Contact us directly at [email protected] or give us a call at 215-351-9895 to get pricing with any of the specifications listed under specifications.


Advanced technology vehicles like the CHRISTINI AWD motorcycle can be better utilized by the military with customized military training.  CHRISTINI has partnered with Tactical Mobility Training of Fayetteville NC to conduct the ride training for our troops.


Tactical Mobility Training is a minority owned small business that is founded on the premise of hard work yields successful results.  Realizing that wars and battles are fought far away from roads; James King, founder of Tactical Mobility Training, created a training regiment to develop and mentor operators that utilize light mobility platforms to penetrate deep within the enemy’s territory.  Personnel from SOCOM, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and British Special Forces have trusted Tactical Mobility Trainings dedicated staff of former Special Operation personnel to train and prepare their operators for a battle theatre far away from roads.


For more information go to


Tactical Mobility Training

9998 Fayetteville Road

Fayetteville, NC 28304

(910) 308-8818



Military Edition AWD 450 E at $8,395 Plus Military Edition Optional Items:
(You can also build the Military edition using the AWD 450DS as a base Model)

Military Bikes are built to order and can have any variation of the accessories below.


Item Performance Retail Price
Z-Start pro Auto Clutch Automatic Transmission with Anti-stall by Rekluse $629.00
Anti-squeal kit Quiets Clutch $10.00
Billet Clutch Cover Billet Aluminum for strength $159.00
High Capacity Stator/Regulator/Rectifier Increase Lighting Capacity $194.95
High Capacity Lithium Battery High Capacity Lithium – Extended idle charge capacity $128.95
Battery Quick Disconnect Charge battery without taking seat off $9.95
Stainless Steel Oil Filter Stainless Steel for Lifetime serviceability and Reusable $30.00
Smog Eliminator Kit Prevents oily air being pumped back into engine $59.95
Oil Dipstick/Plug kit Billet Aluminum for easy read and strength $50.99
Air Filter Skin Additional Protection and increased service life of air filter $21.65
Power-Flow Radiators Larger Radiators (increased cooling, efficiency, strength) $500.00
Boyesen Supercooler Kit High Flow Water pump design $189.95
Silicone hose kit Smoother for better coolant flow $98.00
Cooling fan kit Improved cooling capacity radiator fan $129.95
Radiator Guards Radiator Protection from punctures and Crash Damage $220.00
Boyesen Quickshot FCR Leak Jet Quick Shot Adjustment for easier Hot starting $99.95
Remote Choke Cable Moves choke lever to Handlebar $59.99
Bib Mousse Front No Flat System:  Foam Tire Inserts $179.95
Bib Mousse Rear No Flat System:  Foam Tire Inserts $179.95
O-ring Chain Increased Chain longevity and tensile strength $169.95
Skid Plate Protection for Engine and Frame $97.95
Swing Arm Protection Kit Increased Chain service life and swingarm protection $172.99
Case Guard Protection from chain kinking & case damage $29.99
Hand Guards Protection for hands and hand controls $67.95
Hand Shields Hand Protection from wind and flying debris $24.95
Rear Brake Master Cylinder Guard Protect rear brake master cylinder form damage $34.95
Front Disc Guard Front rotor protection $89.95
Rear Caliper Guard Protect rear brake caliper $29.95
Brake Snake Protection against Rear brake Foot Pedal damage $10.00
Rear Disc Guard Protection for rear brake rotor $94.95
Rear Rack System Cargo Rack for additional carrying capacity: Pro Moto Billet $174.95
Auxiliary Fuel Tank (uses Rear Rack) Additional 1.5 Gallons $440.00
Lifting Straps For Towing and Lifting of Bikes Front and rear $40.00
Front Fender Tool Bag MSR: Tool Kit storage mounted to Front Fender $21.95
Fork Seal Savers Protection from debris damaging seal and causing failures $19.95
GPS/Navigational System GPS, Maps, Altimeter, Speedo $279.00
GPS Mount Mount for GPS Speedo, Altimeter $19.95
Billet GPS Protector Protects GPS from crash damage $90.00
Black Out selector Switch Light on or completely stealth $14.95
High Ground MOLLE Covering Integrated High Ground Graphics Covering $499.00
High Ground Pack System Tactical High Ground Pack System $599.00
Labor (Varies on Parts Ordered) Install Labor for Equipment Package ($500-$1500) $1,500.00
Total Add on parts $7,474.51