CHRISTINI AWD and Loaded Gun Customs Unveil the first ever All Wheel Drive Cafe’ Racer at the DC Motorcycle Show!

CHRISTINI AWD and Loaded Gun Customs unveil the first ever All Wheel Drive Cafe’ Racer at the DC Motorcycle Show!

CHRISTINI Cafe' Racer 1

After months of collaboration, the new AWD Cafe’ Racer, which may be better described as an “AWD Street Racer”, was unveiled at the DC Moto Party hosted by Cafe Racer XXX (

This is a custom bike built from a base CHRISTINI AWD 450DS and modified by Loaded Gun Customs.  For more information on how you can get one, give Loaded Gun Customs a call at (302) 436-2204 or at or reach out to CHRISTINI AWD at 215-351-9895.

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CHRISTINI Cafe' Racer 2

CHRISTINI Cafe' Racer 4

CHRISTINI Cafe' Racer 3 

CHRISTINI AWD to have 4 riders in the final round of the Vegas Endurocross!

Wally Poster 2014Adam BoothJack and KristieCHRISTINI AWD will have four riders competing in this weekends final round of the 2013 Endurocross series at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.

Wally Palmer, #27, will finish off a strong year on his CHRISTINI AWD 300 after competing in all 4 X Games and every round of the Endurocross series.

Jack Field, #747, from Australia will be racing his 2nd time on a CHRISTINI AWD as will Kristie Mckinnon, #767.  Jack and Kristie are two of the most accomplished trials riders in the world and will be putting on a show with their CHRISTINI’s.

And finally, one of CHRISTINI ‘s favorite and longest competitors, Adam Booth, editor of Dirt Rider, will be competing in the Vet Class on his CHRISTINI AWD 250X.
We wish them all the best of luck!


Argentine Magazine, Informoto, Covers AWD

“La doble tracción en una moto suena como algo exótico y extravagante. Se lo tiene como un tema raro y oscuro simplemente porque no hay motos de doble tracción rodando por las calles y las rutas. Pero la doble tracción siempre estuvo ahí,…por eso miraremos un poco mas de cerca el estado actual del tema y las posibles situaciones futuras…………”

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Texto: Lic. Ricardo E. Juárez

U.S. Army Explains Future Use for Christini AWD Motorcycles

DONA ANA RANGE, N.M. (Nov. 26, 2012) — Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, are evaluating how motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles can help the maneuverability of Soldiers during reconnaissance missions conducted in scenarios during Network Integration Evaluation 13.1. Read More…


Note: The bikes shown in the article image are Christini AWD Military Edition AWD 450 motorcycles.

Christini AWD 300 Review

First race test of the 2012 CHRISTINI AWD 300. Take a look at what the experts say about our new production motorcycle!

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Christini AWD Featured in Transmoto Dirt Bike Magazine

“Ever wondered what it would be like to ride an all-wheel-drive dirt bike? So had an American called Steve Christini. In fact, he became obsessed with the concept. And it wasn’t long before he’d had developed a mechanically driven bicycle prototype in the late ’90s that he sold to Raleigh Bicycles in an effort to reinstate the fledgling bicycle company. Fortunately for the off-road world, Raleigh went bust before production could get off the ground. Running dangerously low on funds, Christini went back to the drawing board and modified his mechanical concept to work in a dirt bike. And by the early noughties, Christini All-Wheel-Drive Motorcycles had been created.”

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Supermoto Reviews the MWR CHRISTINI AWD KTM

Supermoto reviews the MWR CHRISTINI 2 x 2.

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Dirt Rider: Long-Term Testing on the CHRISTINI AWD CRF250X

Dirt Rider performs long-term testing on the CHRISTINI All Wheel Drive System built on the Honda CRF250X platform, and gives the stamp of approval on durability.

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Dirt Bike Reviews the CHRISTINI KX450F

Dirt Bike reviews CHRISTINI AWD’s KX450F.

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2008 Dirt Rider Bike of the Year

Christini Motorcycles is awarded the 2008 Dirt Rider Bike of the Year.


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