History of Christini AWD


  • 1995:  AWD Mountain bike concept envisioned and first prototype was tested
  • 1998:  AWD concept was further developed and tested showing the feasibility on AWD Mountain Bikes and the potential for AWD Motorcycle
  • 1999:  Christini Technologies, Inc. is established, tested, and manufactured based on original prototypes and international patents
  • 2001:  CHRISTINI sells the first production AWD Mountain Bike
  • 2001:  AWD bicycle technology was licensed to Jeep Bicycles for mass production
  • 2002:  First AWD motorcycle was designed , built and tested
  • 2004:  First Magazine testing done in California


  • 2007:  First consumer CHRISTINI AWD Motorcycle sold


  • 2008:  CHRISTINI upgraded KTM motorcycle competed in the inaugural Extreme Enduro Race placing 2ndestablishing the AWD technology as a viable and competitive on the worldwide where to purchase lexapro racing stage


  • 2009: First road tests on CHRISTINI AWD motorcycles conducted – road lap times proven to be faster with CHRISTINI AWD technology than traditional signal wheel drive motorcycles


  • 2010: US Military tests conducted with exceptional results.

Mil Bikes In Training 3


  • 2011: US Military adapts the CHRISTINI AWD platform for use in worldwide operations

AWD 450 Military Left

  • 2011:  CHRISTINI races in the inaugural Enduro X at X games 17 with two of the top 20 riders

  • 2011:  US Border Patrol adapts the CHRISTINI AWD platform for operations


  • 2011:  CHRISTINI launches its branded line of motorcycles for worldwide distribution

  • 2013:  CHRISTINI completes it’s first full year of production motorcycles

2013 AWD 450E Angle_web

  • 2015:  CHRISTINI receives California Air Resource Board approval for the AWD 450DS motorcycle