“I came away impressed. In loose, rocky, sandy uphill situations, it’s magic, a real advantage. There’s a reason four-wheel-drive cars rule the off-road.”

Ryan Dudek
Cycle World

“The Christini bike worked really awesome on the muddy, icy, and rutted climbs. I just kept passing riders and taking harder and harder lines, looking for an opening to get by.”

Geoff Aaron
Racer X

“Without the Christini it would have probably taken me at least an hour longer, and I would have had to take multiple tries at some of the climbs. The two-wheel drive saved energy and worked flawlessly.”

Adam Booth
Dirt Bike

“It was almost like cheating in the mud. There were riders stuck all over the plaec and I just blasted past with no problems. The difference is like going mud-bogging in a family wagon versus a purpose built 4×4. All-wheel-drive is the way to go off road and Christini’s got it covered!”

Derek Stealhy
Dirt Rider Magazine

“This is it. This is the wave of the future. Once AWD bikes become available off road riding will never be the same.”

Paul Clipper
“Christini AWD 250” Trail Rider

“Plain and simple, 2WD is going to change off-road motorcycles in the very near future.”

Jimmy Lewis
Dirt Rider Magazine

“After racing the Christini, I am certain that AWD will be a huge part of the future of off-road racing.”

Quinn Cody
2006 Baja 1000 Champion

“For many riders, it turns the impossible hill climb into a cakewalk. It feels as though an invisible where to buy lexapro generic pair of hands are pulling the bike up the hill for you – amazing.”

Don Williams
Robb Report Motorcycling

“by the way, superbly awesome product, this bike eats them all and leaves them behind in the roost from the front tire. I’ve got huge bike envy in my neighborhood, sorry, Canada… Dean C.”

Dean Cooney
Owner – AWD Honda 450X

“I abused the 530 Christini for 1550 miles in Baja in March with Malcolm Smith. There were 26 riders. The 20 or so who had ridden this event before all said we’ll see when we get to Cabo in reference to their confidence in the Christini’s durability. None had seen one before. It seems that generally about 20% of the bikes don’t make the finish. You can imagine what Malcolm has in store at over 200 miles a day with no pavement. The format is mostly ‘Ride the big rocks uphill until you come to the deep sand. Ride in the deep sand until you get back to the big rocks.’ (Sand where you can feel the bottom doesn’t count as deep in this club.) Flawless performance in every mile. Best group of riders I have ever been mixed up in. Don’t think I could have done it without you. 750 miles in the Colorado 500 two weeks ago. Same story.”

Mike Curtis
Owner – AWD KTM 530 XCW