AWD Dual Sport Motorcycles For Sale from Experienced, Credible Sellers Only



For riders who need a motorcycle that performs optimally in both an on and off road setting, a dual sport motorcycle is the perfect choice.  You can find dual sport motorcycles for sale in lots of places, by owners and dealers. However, we advise that you think twice before buying from just anybody.

For example, you see an ad from an individual that says “dual sport motorcycles for sale.”  While it’s possible that this person is a serious rider and has kept the bike in excellent condition, it’s also possible that maintenance has not been kept up and that the bike will cost you far more down the road. Unless you are experienced in examining a used bike and know what to look for, it’s best to avoid private party sales.

Christini AWD wants you to spend more time on the road or trails than in the shop. That’s why our top-performing dual sport motorcycles are sold factory direct, or through our network of reputable dealers, all over the world.

When you buy a bike direct from us or one of our dealers, you know you’re getting a machine that is exactly what you’re expecting it to be – we guarantee it. When a shop becomes an authorized Christini AWD Motorcycle dealer, shop personnel receive special training on the ins-and-outs of the All Wheel Drive system, so you can rest assured you’re speaking with informed representatives who know the technology.

Christini AWD has been designing and building top of the line motorcycles for racing, off-road and street use since 2002.  We believe that expert workmanship, the most innovative technology and quality service has helped us build a name that is both recognized and trusted.

If you’re looking for a dual sport motorcycle for sale, we have one that will fit your needs perfectly.  Have questions or would like to purchase a new bike? Give us a call at (215) 351-9895, or contact us online.