Enduro Motorcycles: Built to Take it and Keep Giving Back



The design and look of enduro motorcycles has changed over the years, but the bikes continue to dominate in racing and recreation for many motorcycle enthusiasts.

Today’s models bear some similarities to motocross and dual sport motorcycles, however the enduro motorcycle’s original purpose was for cross country and long distance trial competitions. Nowadays, the bikes may have customized features, depending on the rules of various competitions.

Christini Technologies is a premier manufacturer of exceptional enduro motorcycles that not only meet the needs of different levels of riders and competitions, but provide distinct advantages without compromising the performance of the motorcycle. Christini AWD bikes are specifically designed to endure long races and harsh conditions, and include a gas tank that is larger than those found on most other racing bikes.

We know that enduro motorcycles aren’t only for racing.  For riders who like the look, style and feel of these bikes, but don’t need the added power or full racing setup, we offer modifications such as a quieter muffler and a headlight kit.

Our Christini AWD 300/250 enduro motorcycle is a good example of outstanding engineering and superior performance.  The cycle is built around a GasGas 250 cc / 300 cc liquid-cooled 2-stroke engine that is seamlessly integrated with our mechanical All Wheel Drive system.

Other features of this awesome machine include:


  • Twin Spar Aluminum Frame
  • FMF Pipe And Silencer with Spark Arrestor
  • 6 Speed Wide Ratio Transmission
  • Kick Start (Electronic Start Optional for $600)
  • Hydraulic Clutch
  • Paoli Open Chamber Front Suspension
  • CSR Single Shock with Linkage and High Speed, Low Speed and Rebound Adjustability
  • Suspension: 305mm (12″) Front & Rear
  • Black Anodized Rims and Billet Hubs
  • Ground Clearance: 356mm (14″)


Christini AWD sells factory direct, as well as through our network of reputable dealers, worldwide.  If you’d like to know more about our AWD enduro motorcycle line-up, or want to find a dealer near you, contact us online or give us a call at (215) 351-9895.