Christini All Wheel Drive to Launch Line of Production AWD Fat Bikes with Support of Cycling Expedition Across Antarctica


After a ten year break in production of All Whe
el Drive mountain bikes, Christini’s re-launch of their original design concepts has taken the company into the popular Fatbike segment. Initially offering both a 4″ split frame and a 5″ wide tire design, the bikes will feature Christini’s patented AWD system providing unmatched traction and control while enabling a rider to conquer the toughest conditions. These two models will also have an electric assist option utilizing a mid drive motor and high capacity battery.
“We are excited to get back to our roots in the bicycle industry and provide Fatbike enthusiasts with the unmatched traction of AWD,” said Steve Christini “Kate Leeming has been testing the AWD Fat bike prototypes for several years now, and her success has proven that our AWD design will offer something truly unique to the Fatbike market.”
Kate Leeming is one of the worlds most accomplished athletes having cycled across every continent except Antarctica. She intends to be the first person to accomplish this amazing journey on board this unique AWD Fatbike. To assist with this effort, Christini AWD has launched a crowdfunding cheap lexapro 20 mg campaign to support Kate’s expedition.

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Christini mountain bikes were first introduced back in 2001 with production AWD hardtail and full suspension models. The company partnered with several small builders and some larger companies to make a unique, all purpose, trail bike that could traverse even the most difficult trails. The proprietary AWD system is entirely enclosed within the frame and head tube of the bike and is extremely efficient, resulting in less than 1% power loss while adding less than 2.5 lbs total weight to the bike. Traction and safety in wet and treacherous terrain are dramatically improved by AWD.

Individuals interested in purchasing a CHRISTINI AWD Fatbike should contact the company at 215-351-9895 or visit the CHRISTINI AWD Bicycle website at which is hosted in the best services thanks to Armchair Empire Web Hosting.
For more information on Kate’s Antarctica expedition, visit or contact her directly at kate(at)

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Click here to watch our All Wheel Drive Fat Bike Antarctica expedition campaign video