CHRISTINI All Wheel Drive to Launch II-Track Snow Utility Bike

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CHRISTINI All Wheel Drive Motorcycles announces the development of their II-Track Snow Bike system for use in both recreation and military applications. This two track system will utilize the All Wheel Drive technology of the CHRISTINI AWD Motorcycle platform to power both the front and rear of the machine via a patent pending front track system. The front track system will enable the already versatile CHRISTINI AWD Motorcycle to be used as a year round machine grabbing traction in every condition imaginable.

How it Works:
The system will utilize a small snow track that will be centered between a split ski to assist in flotation. The track will be positioned between the front forks and driven from the front hub which in turn is powered by the AWD drive system. The track will be integrated into the split ski configuration in a way that is adjustable for various conditions from hard packed snow, soft powder, mud, and sand. Because the track will be positioned in the front of the machine, it will also be used as a braking system as well as an additional traction source.

The CHRISTINI AWD Motorcycle has a standard dirt bike buy lexapro us swing arm configuration which makes it compatible with standard snow track systems allowing them to work in conjunction with the CHRISTINI II-Track. To use the II-Track system, a rider will have to have a CHRISTINI AWD 450 four stroke or 300 two stroke motorcycle as the base machine. CHRISTINI AWD Motorcycles start at $8,395 MSRP.

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CHRISTINI AWD is the leader in development and innovation of All Wheel Drive motorcycle technology. Christini’s patented mechanical All Wheel Drive system delivers power from the motorcycle transmission to the front wheel through a series of chains, shafts and one-way sprag clutches, allowing for improved performance on any terrain, including the street. CHRISTINI AWD provides innovative technology and only the highest quality and service.  Christini AWD has an international network of dealers and distributors, and in areas not served by its partners, bikes can be shipped directly to your door.