From Christini Technologies: SUPER Supermoto Bikes



If you’re in the market for a supermoto bike, look no further than the Christini AWD 450SM.  It’s an all wheel drive machine in street legal, supermoto form.

The Christini AWD 450SM is built with All Wheel Drive technology, and this supermoto bike can take everything you throw at it on the road, from tarmac to dirt. As soon as the throttle is open, the front wheel tracks around corners, feeling stable and planted on entry. You’ll find yourself riding faster just to find where the limits of this bike are.

The AWD system makes for a bike that is far more stable in both tight-handling environments or when powering down straightaways – regardless of the surface.  Additionally, an AWD supermoto bike is easier to ride, and in turn, decreases rider fatigue so you can ride for longer.

Our All Wheel Drive system can be turned off easily by flipping the engagement switch, but when you need the traction, it’s there. The AWD system adds just 15 lbs additional weight and has a power loss of less than 1/10th hp.

Here are a few of the specifications built into every Christini 450SM:


  • Street Legal Kit (lights, horn, turn indicators, mirrors)
  • Digital Computer with Speedometer and Odometer
  • Twin Spar Aluminum Frame
  • 450cc SOHC Liquid Cooled Four Stroke
  • 5 Speed Wide Ratio Transmission
  • Electric and Kick Start
  • Paoli Open Chamber Forks
  • Suspension: 305mm (12″) Front and Rear
  • Adjustable Single Shock with Linkage
  • Ground Clearance: 356mm (14″)
  • Front Tire: 17″ Tube Type DOT
  • Rear Tire: 17″ Tube Type DOT

More model specs here.

Christini Technologies sells motorcycles factory direct and through dealers.  Interested in the Christini AWD 450 Supermoto bike? Contact us through our website, or give us a call at (215) 351-9895.